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Bed Sizes

Small single2ft 6 x 6ft 3 (75cm x 190cm) Mattress Size
single3ft 0 x 6ft 3 (90cm x 190cm)
small double4ft 0 x 6ft 3 (120cm x 190cm)
double4ft 6 x 6ft 3 (135cm x 190cm)
king size5ft 0 x 6ft 6 (150cm x 200cm)
superking size6ft 0 x 6ft 6 (180cm x 200cm)
2'6 x 5'9 (75cm x 175cm) with sliding drawer2'6 x 5'9 (75cm x 175cm) with sliding drawer

For advice on what makes a good bed and how to get the most out of your time asleep.

The Sleep Council have developed a website with useful information.
Back in 1988, a ground-breaking study by sleep expert Dr Chris Idzikowski found that:

“ swapping an uncomfortable old bed for a comfortable new one could account for an average of 42 minutes extra sleep - four times that achieved by over the counter sleep aids. So, if you need to improve the quality of your sleep, one of the most important things you need to do is to make sure you're sleeping on the right bed.”

The Sleep Council


Whether you need a single, small single, double, small double, Kingsize or Super Kingsize, The Sleep Council have free impartial advice for consumers.


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